Cove Acres VFD - PT1


  • Unit Type: Pumper/Tanker
  • Year: 2010
  • Manufacturer: Deep South Fire Trucks, Inc.
  • Chassis Manufacturer:
  • Model: Emergency Workstar 7400
  • Engine: MAXFORCE9
  • Transmission: Allison
  • Pump: Hale 750 GPM
  • Tank: 3,000
  • Generator:
  • Aerial:
  • Location: Oklahoma

This unit is on a 2010 International, Emergency WorkStar 7400. This apparatus features an Steel frame and Aluminum body and four large storage boxes. The pump is a powered by a Hale 750GPM. The truck is equiped with two 1.5" crosslay hosebed discharges, ONE Whipline, three 2.5" discharges, 3,000 folding dump tank and topped off with Whelen emergency lighting package and siren to include 12 LED light panels around the truck .