Ambulance 99


  • Unit Type: ALS Unit
  • Year: 2009
  • Manufacturer:
  • Chassis Manufacturer:
  • Model: Chevrolet G4500
  • Engine: Duramax Desile
  • Transmission: Allison Transmission
  • Pump: N/A
  • Tank: N/A
  • Generator: N/A
  • Aerial: N/A
  • Location: Colorado

Purchased with funds from the State of Colorado EMS Provider Grant, Bennett Fire took delivery of this new ALS ambulacne in late December.  The ambulance feature a complete LED lighting package inside and out.  It has two bunker gear cabinets on the out side for easy storage.  The back of the ambulance is designed to be comfortable while thinking of safety.  5pt restraining harness for the attendants, Headsets to give hearing protection, and the Gaurdian Captains chair that has both a toddler child seat and an infant child seat built in.  It also features a refrigerator to carry cold fluids and ice for rehab on fire scenes, as well as cooled normal saline for TIH protocols.