Wittmann Engine 761


  • Unit Type: Rescue Pumper
  • Year: 2012
  • Manufacturer: E-ONE
  • Chassis Manufacturer:
  • Model: E Max Typhoon Cab
  • Engine: Cummins/ISL-450HP
  • Transmission: Allison/ EVS3000
  • Pump: Darley PSP 1250 gpm
  • Tank: 715 gallon
  • Generator:
  • Aerial:
  • Location: Arizona

The response area is mainly dirt roads, so the truck's suspension was elevated, a shorter front bumper and the back cabinet was shorten to give better arrivals/depart angles. Half of the pump panel was placed inside the engineer's compartment to help keep the sun from damaging the gauges as well as minimize the dust on the controls. All the emergency and scene lighting are LED's to minimize the electrical draw on the system and enhance visibility. The quick attack lines were lowered to reduce injuries. The ladders are on a hydraulic lift to be stored above the truck.