Showcase: St. Peters, Mo. Reaches New Heights With Aerial


  • Unit Type: Aerial Ladder
  • Year: 2013
  • Manufacturer: Pierce Mfg.
  • Chassis Manufacturer:
  • Model: Pierce Dash 2000
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel 500 hp
  • Transmission: Allison
  • Pump: Waterous 2,000-gpm
  • Tank: NA
  • Generator: Harrison PTO
  • Aerial: 105-foot rear-mount
  • Location: MO

9512 is the front line unit out of the Central County Fire & Rescue (CCFR) Station #1/Headquarters facility in St. Peters, Mo. For more than 10 years it has protected everything from heavy industrial properties to senior apartment villas, and a major interstate, Interstate Hwy. 70. 

One of the best features about this apparatus is that it is equipped with “All-Wheel Steer” capabilities.  This allows the truck to make very sharp turns, U-turns in narrow roads and crab-walk (side to side movement).