Product Showcase 2/12


Alert-All Corp. offers fire safety educational materials. In business for more than 37 years, the company is a one-stop shop for fire prevention needs from school kits to children’s fire hats, fire safety brochures and more. Alert All features free UPS Ground Shipping.


Modeltech Int l.

Modeltech  Intl. presents its new Hazard Kitchen  Stove Top Module training aid. Public education officers could use a portable 1:1-scale training aid with special effects and interactivity to dramatize the teaching process and boost the learning experience. The module also shows what not to do; ie: Never Move a Pot in Flames! 



Robotronics offers safety education products, targeted especially towards children aged 14 years and younger. With over 6,000 interactive robotic characters and thousands of costumes, puppet programs, and educational materials in use around the world, Robotronics’ materials will keep your safety message in the minds of children long after they leave your program. Coloring books, bookmarks, badges, litterbags, and more all feature your safety message.