Fire Jeopardy

This drill is intended to be conducted in a similar manner to the Jeopardy game show and the instructor will pick the topics for the first and second rounds.

    The question is: What is combustion.

  5. The answer is: The most common of the hazardous substances contained in smoke that is a product of combustion.

    The question is: What is the carbon monoxide.


  1. The answer is: Oxygen, fuel, heat, and a self-sustained chemical reaction.

    The question is: What are the components of the fire tetrahedron?

  2. The answer is: An explosive ignition that can occur when air is allowed to mix with hot, unburned fire gases.

    The question is: What is backdraft?

  3. The answer is: The tendency of gases to form into layers according to temperature.

    The question is: What is thermal layering? (also accept heat stratification or thermal balance)

  4. The answer is: Extinguishment of fire through cooling with water.

    The question is: What is temperature reduction?

  5. The answer is: The classification of fires involving energized electrical equipment.

    The question is: What is a Class C fire?


  1. The answer is: Devices attached to the inside of the beams on fly sections used to hold the fly section in place after it has been extended.

    The question is: What is the pawls? (also accept dogs or ladder locks)

  2. The answer is: Single ladders equipped with folding hooks on one end.

    The question is: What is a roof ladder?

  3. The answer is: The desired angle of inclination that the ladder should be placed for climbing.

    The question is: What is 75 degrees?

  4. The answer is: Place the tip of the ladder just below the windowsill.

    The question is: Where should a ladder be placed to perform a rescue from a window opening?

  5. The answer is: Eight to ten feet.

    The question is: What is the height of a residential story?


  1. The answer is: Used to keep a record of each use and the inspection/maintenance records.

    The question is: What is a rope logbook?

  2. The answer is: Used to join two ropes of unequal diameters.

    The question is: What is a becket bend? (also accept sheet bend)

  3. The answer is: Used by firefighters on the ground to prevent equipment and other tied objects from coming in contact with the structure or other objects.

    The question is: What is a tag line.

  4. The answer is: Used only for supporting people.

    The question is: What is life safety rope?

  5. The answer is: The type of rope with a braided covering over the core of load-bearing strands.

    The question is: What is kernmantle rope?


  1. The answer is: A system that uses a primary water source that sits at a high elevation such as an elevated storage tank.

    The question is: What is a gravity system?

  2. The answer is: The type of water main valve that visually shows whether the gate or valve seat is open or closed.

    The question is: What is an indicating valve?

  3. The answer is: The type of hydrant used in climates where freezing weather is expected and water is held below the frost line.

    The question is: What is a dry barrel hydrant?

  4. The answer is: The process of raising water from a static source to supply a pumper.

    The question is: What is drafting?

  5. The answer is: Used as a filter when drafting from a natural source.

    The question is: What is a strainer?


  1. The answer is: Referred to as sexless couplings and are connected with one-third of a turn.

    The question is: What is a Storz-type coupling?

  2. The answer is: A feature on screw thread couplings where the beginning of the thread is cut to provide a positive connection.

    The question is: What is the Higbee cut?

  3. The answer is: The appliance that has two or three female connections coming into one male discharge exiting the connection.

    The question is: What is a Siamese?

  4. The answer is: Used to stop the flow of water to allow replacement of a burst section of hose.