Innovative Rigs on the Street: Nanjemoy's Engine 42

In the last installment of Innovative Rigs on the Street we visited the Nanjemoy Fire Department located in Southern Maryland.

Emergency warning lighting includes a Whelen Freedom FN72QLED forward facing light bar with Whelen 45B20 LED side facing warning lights on each side of the cab. Forward facing lighting consists of twin pedestal Mars lights, roto-ray and twin Whelen LED lights. The side of the cab and body are equipped with Whelen 600 LED warning lights with Whelen LED beacons and alternating flashing lights at the rear of the body.

A Harrison 10-Kw hydraulic generator supplies power to two Hannay electric cable reels, two forward facing Fire Research Focus cab brow lights together with Fire Research telescopic lights at the rear of the cab. Whelen scene lighting is provided on each side of the cab and body including the rear. A Wilburt Night Scan light tower is mounted on top of the cab roof and is protected by an aluminum painted shroud across the front and each side.

Engine apparatus that are equipped with water tanks larger than 1,000 gallons typically are built on long wheelbase chassis with overall lengths approaching 34 feet. The problem with these vehicles are that they typically will be one of the longest and heaviest units in the departments fleet and do not provide the same level of maneuverability with respect to turning radius during fireground operations. A lot of fire trucks are simply too large to be practical for everyday operations. The Nanjemoy Fire Department did a great job in designing a practical size engine apparatus to meet the needs of their first due area.

Appreciation is given to Mr. Jeff Hawkins of DPC Emergency Equipment who provided technical information for use in this article.