Standpipe & High-Rise Packs - Part 2

In our first article in this series, we broke the ice as to the need for a standpipe hose system that consists of multiple items. The “system” that we identified consists of three elements that are each carried by a firefighter to the floor below...

In the meantime, until our next article in this series, try the following these drill ideas.

  • Assemble the makings for such a hose-pack system. If you don’t have seatbelts or webbing, use short lengths of rope to tie off the components.
  • Try placing a single 100-foot hose pack on top of the SCBA cylinder on a firefighter’s back. Make sure to drape the webbing over their chest for better control as shown in the photo 5.
  • Assemble the makings for the tool bag. Do you have extra accessories lying around that you can spare? Or must you acquire them before putting this system into service? Do you have a suitable heavy-duty tool bag?
  • Do you have a 2 1/2-inch hose? This is a scary question because many departments seem only to have 5-inch for supply and 1 3/4-inch for attack. This can lead to real problems!

ARMAND F. GUZZI JR. has been a member of the fire service since 1987.  He is a career fire lieutenant with the City of Long Branch, NJ, Fire Department and is the deputy director of the Monmouth County, NJ, Fire Academy where he has taught for over 20 years.  He has a masters degree in management and undergraduate degrees in fire science, education, and business administration. View all of Armand's articles here. He can be reached via e-mail at or