Auto Extrication - Hand Tools

Course:  Auto Extrication - Hand Tools Session Reference:  1 Topic:  Use of Hand Tools in Auto Extrication Level of Instruction: Time Required:  3 hours Materials:

     6.  Cut roof in same manner as sheet metal

       a.  Makeshift can opener or K Bar

        b.  Schild panel cutters and improvised leaf spring cutter struck by sledge hammer

        c.  Screwdriver/cold chisel with sledge

   C.  Vehicle on Wheels - Roof Access/Flapping

     1. Stabilize vehicle

     2. Cut “A” posts, then “B” posts

     3.  Cut roof in front of “C” posts through roof rail

     4.  Lay bar (pike pole or back board on its edge) between “C” post cuts

     5.  Flap roof

   D.  Vehicle on Wheels - Roof Removal

      1.  Stabilize vehicle

     2.  Cut shoulder belts

     3.  Cut "A" posts, then "B" posts, then "C" posts

     4.  Lift high and remove from vehicle

   E.  Dash roll-up maneuver

      1. Make relief cuts 5 to 6" above intersection of the “A” post rocker paner, and 8 to 10" back on horizontal rocker panel

      2. Insert/attach hi-lift jacks on both sides and push upwards with the base on the door jams and the head on the “A” post near windshield area

      3. Wedge/block relief cuts as necessary



Review of Extrication Techniques Using Hand Tools
· Gaining Access Through Windows
· Gaining Access Through Doors
· Gaining Access Through the Body of a Vehicle