Biggest Loser - Firefighters Keep Shedding the Pounds

As June rolls along and summer officially arrives, the North Saint Paul Fire Department’s “Biggest Loser” competition continues. This segment is going to look at their weight loss, diets, and workout programs.

For more information on how they developed, launched, and conducted the competition. You can contact Fire Marshall Dustin Kalis or Deputy Chief Jason Mallinger.

In July, we’ll see who won, and I’ll talk with the top three about their diets, training and biggest challenges. Until then, be safe!!!!!

SCOTT TOMEK MA, EMT-P has been a paramedic for 25 years with 23 of those at Lakeview Hospital EMS in Stillwater, MN. He is a faculty member with the Century College Paramedic Program and wrote the curriculum for and served as the interim director of their public safety degree program. He is a frequent contributor to EMS World Magazine, a frequent presenter at EMS conferences in the Midwest and an educational consultant to fire and EMS services. View all of Scott's articles and podcasts hereHe can be reached at