Fireground Assessment for Rapid Intervention Teams

The assignment to the rapid intervention function prior to on scene arrival is an aspect that should be considered when drafting policies and procedures for fire departments. This makes certain that the role is not overlooked and properly prepares the...

Where is EMS set up as well as rehab? If set into motion, this information will become very important to RIT members. Where are they taking firefighters for treatment once removed from the building as well as care for their team? The RIT should establish communications as well as a plan of action with these important functions.

When it comes to the rescue of one of our own, we must be ready to do what is necessary to ensure success and the safety of the members that we commit to action. Is your department ready to meet that challenge?

JEFFREY PINDELSKI, a Contributing Editor, is a 20-year veteran and student of the fire service and is the deputy chief of operations with the Downers Grove, IL, Fire Department. Jeff is a staff instructor at the College of Du Page and has been involved with the design of several training programs dedicated to firefighter safety and survival. Jeff is the co-author of the text R.I.C.O., Rapid Intervention Company Operations. Jeff was host of the recentPreparing for Tomorrow's RIT Deployment Today podcast was a guest on the inaugural edition of the Training & Tactics Talk. View all of Jeff's articles and podcasts here. You can reach Jeff by e-mail at