The Rapid Intervention Command Board

Jon Hall details an easy-to-use status board that can be used to track resources during a rapid intervention deployment.

Once the team has exited the structure, RIT command should document the time and ensure full accountability of the team. The team leader should have a face-to-face with RIT command to pass along peritnent details that could assist the operation.

The compilation of information on a RIT command board assists in bringing order to what can be an extremely chaotic scene. It provides a simple and systematic way for RIT command to ensure that all the objectives are being met in a safe and effective manner.

JONATHAN HALL is  a firefighter with the Saint Paul, MN, Fire Department. He previously served as a training and safety officer for the Township Fire Department in Eau Claire, WI and is a certified fire instructor for the Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire. Jonathan frequently teaches firefighter survival and rapid intervention team concepts in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.