Firehouse Magazine Heroism & Community Service Awards


  We are pleased to announce the newest honorees in our Firehouse® Magazine Heroism & Community Service Awards program and take pride in highlighting the bravery of these outstanding individuals. We recognize the judges: Chief Mark McLees of the Syracuse, NY, Fire Department; Chief Edward...

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San Francisco, CA, FD Rescue Squad 1

Lieutenant Richard W. Gering Firefighter Derek B. O'Leary Firefighter John G. Shanley Firefighter Michael Orlando

Responded to a call for the trench rescue of a worker who had fallen in a hole. Victim was neck deep in sand and concrete with concrete debris. Rescue Squad 1 began the shoring, stabilization and extrication process. Members began removing soil from around the victim using hand shovels. Once his upper body was exposed, an IV was administered. Squad members continued to dig without reprieve until a mechanical advantage system was set up and the victim was removed. The process took four hours. The victim suffered only a minor injury and was released from the hospital later that day.

Fairfax County, VA, Fire and Rescue Engine 408

Captain 1 Larry E. Jenkins (retired) Technician Davin E. Bridges Firefighter Heather J. Lefever

Truck 422

Master Technician John L. Capps Firefighter Mark E. Huehn

While on scene at a house fire, a floor collapse trapped three members of Engine 422 in the basement. Members of Engine 408 and Truck 422 immediately went to work. Engine 408's crew operated a hoseline in two windows and through small openings within the rear door to cool the basement and help control the ever increasing fire. Engine 422's crew used chainsaws to cut their way into the structure, providing access to and egress for the trapped members. All three members escaped the collapse.

Cambridge, MA, FD Engine 1 Group 1

Fire Lieutenant David House Firefighter Vinroy Paul Firefighter Joseph Hallissey Firefighter Gary Plunkett

Came upon a male EDP of very large build attempting to wrestle the holstered gun away from a uniformed transit police officer. The members acted immediately by tackling the man. A struggle ensued until they were finally able to subdue him. They maintained control over him until other police officers arrived.

Fairfax County, VA, Fire and Rescue Rescue 421, A-Shift

Lieutenant Jeffrey L. Mongold Technician Thomas E. Biller Technician Chris M. Matos Technician Michael T. King

Responding to a house fire, Rescue 421 encountered a home with a basement fire in which the floor inside the front door had been burned through. With an occupant trapped inside, the decision was made to perform a vent-enter-search through a bedroom window, which was five feet off the ground. Using a step ladder, members broke through the window and entered the dwelling. The home was a hoarding situation, providing many obstacles. An unconscious male weighing about 250 pounds was located on the floor. The victim was placed on a bed and lifted up over the headboard and through the five-foot high window, where exterior crews were waiting with a stokes basket for patient removal.

Fairfax County, VA, Fire and Rescue

Lieutenant Marc S. Davidson Technician Richard N. Mitchell Firefighter B. Wayne Talbert Technician G. Brian Mayhugh Firefighter Keith Baughan Technician Ryan S. Fletcher