Firehouse Magazine Heroism & Community Service Awards


  We are pleased to announce the newest honorees in our Firehouse® Magazine Heroism & Community Service Awards program and take pride in highlighting the bravery of these outstanding individuals. We recognize the judges: Chief Mark McLees of the Syracuse, NY, Fire Department; Chief Edward...

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Responded to a call of three people in the water following a canoe capsizing in a bay. The bay was past high tide and the water was rapidly receding out toward the Potomac River. The water temperature was 56 degrees and the area was dark due to limited ambient light. The crew donned their cold water suits, powered up their night vision equipment and boarded Fire Boat 420. Fairfax One arrived over the scene and located the victims. Firefighter Baughan entered the water and rescued the first victim, then re-entered and grabbed the second victim. The third person swam to shore on his own. It took 19 minutes from the time of dispatch to recovery.

Clark County, NV, FD Engine 12

Captain Paul Youdelis Engineer Gary Atkinson Firefighter Cory Ash Firefighter/Paramedic Hyrum Barlow

Engine 15

Captain Steven Broadwell Engineer Joseph Lord Firefighter Robert Grana Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Orton

With a victim on the phone with dispatch, Engine 12 raced to a fire at a two-story office structure across the street from the station. Arriving in less than a minute, crews encountered heavy smoke conditions. The victim told dispatch she was in a room with no windows and was having difficulty breathing. Engine 15 was assigned to the fire attack as crews went into "Rescue Mode." Engine 15 located the heavy fire in the hallway and began to attack the fire. Under extreme smoke conditions and with zero visibility, Engine 12 made entry into the building and located the victim. Once conditions were safe, they removed her to safety.

Shreveport, LA, FD Dive Team

Tim Thames Robert Thomas Chase Bynog Chad Alexander Chad Burden James Lockey

The Shreveport Fire Department responded to a call of possible drowning in the Red River. After more than 30 minutes of searching in murky water in near-zero visibility, Chief Brian A. Crawford and the SFD Dive Team decided that efforts should be redirected from rescue to recovery mode. It was confirmed by family members that six teenagers were missing. At 7:38 P.M., the divers entered the water. At 7:51 P.M., the first victim was discovered and removed from a depth of 29 feet. Four minutes later, two more bodies were found and recovered at 30 feet. All divers were topside by 8:05 P.M. for personnel accountability and to monitor the level of air in their SCUBA. At 8:13 P.M., a fourth victim was recovered. Mutual aid from Bossier City divers recovered the fifth body at 9:40 P.M. SFD divers recovered the final victim from the river's bottom at 10 P.M. Divers determined that all six children were found within a 20-foot circumference.

Wichita, KS, FD Squad 2

Firefighter Darren K. Matthews Acting Lieutenant Larry P. Cook

Truck 2

Firefighter Matthew Q. Barthelme Firefighter Lyndell L. Lara Captain Tyler L. Nolan

Engine 12

Captain Jim D. Martin Firefighter Dan R. Dawson Firefighter Timothy D. Goscha Firefighter Byron M. Jabara

Engine 22

Captain Boyd A. Lauber Firefighter Jeremy S. Menges Firefighter James D. Heitman Firefighter Evan T. Snyder

Mobile Air One

Firefighter James L. Christy III Battalion Chief Robert L. Wolfe

Squad 2 was the first on scene at a house fire and reported smoke pouring out of the residence. Engine 22 arrived and was assigned to the fire attack. They immediately pulled a hoseline and initiated an aggressive interior attack. The search and fire attack teams were forced to the floor due to near zero visibility and high temperatures. Firefighters located a badly burned female victim and carried her outside. Their initial triage of serious condition was upgraded to critical when they noticed the victim had second and third degree burns to 63% of her body. She had also stopped breathing and her airway had been compromised. A CPR rotation was begun and AED were applied. A combitube was inserted and bilateral breathing sounds were detected. The victim was taken away by ambulance. She succumbed 72 hours later.

Prince George's County, MD Fire/EMS Training Academy

Major Leroy Smith Captain Grady Valencis

Croom Station 845

Battalion Chief Howard R. "Butch" Leonard Jr. Fire Technician Darryl Bullock

Upon arrival to a call of a 12-year-old male motionless in a pool, Leonard observed two victims in the deep end of the eight-foot-deep pool and radioed for assistance. Valencis, Leonard and Bullock entered the water, while Smith coordinated rescue efforts on the pool deck. Both males were lifted to the surface and handed to awaiting personnel. Paramedics rapidly assessed the victims and determined both to be unconscious, not breathing, and without a pulse. They were transported to a local hospital, where they both died. It is believed that the second victim, the uncle of the 12-year-old boy, saw his nephew at the bottom of the pool and attempted to save him.