Shoring Systems for Structural Collapse - Part 1

Mike Donahue takes a look at a few different shoring systems and not only break down the construction of them, but also covers the principal behind which all shoring systems are based.

Different operations will call for different shoring systems. Knowing the limitations and abilities of your systems will be imperative to a safe and successful operation. You we’re introduced to a few different systems this month and we’ll cover a few more next time. Take some time to look at the images in this article. Breaking down a system piece by piece is a great and fast way to develop a greater understanding of this discipline.

Remember...“Training Prepares You for Moments That Define You!”

MICHAEL R. DONAHUE is a 14-year veteran of the fire service assigned to Rescue Company 1 in Elizabeth, NJ. Mike is the owner and founder of Progressive Rescue, a company dedicated to further firefighter's in all aspects of the job. He holds the title of rescue specialist with New Jersey's Urban Search and Rescue Team (NJ-TF1) and he is actively teaching at Middlesex Fire academy and the Middlesex County College as their Fire Science Program Coordinator.