Developing a Fire Prevention Program for Your Community

When a local Boy Scout leader calls and says he’s working on fire safety, or when the Senior Center calls and wants a fire prevention presentation, are you ready to respond? Do you have specific presentations set up for different audiences? Do you know...

Another benefit of centering messages on your community’s most common calls is that you can track trends by looking at your data in those areas over time. You will be able to show elected officials that the efforts of your fire department have reduced fall hazards in the senior population, for example, or decreased the number of inattentive cooking fires. This will illustrate for them how your service to the community goes beyond response and suppression.

As firefighters, we train and prepare constantly, so we’re ready to go when we get the call. In the same way, public education requires forethought, planning and training.

BECKI WHITE is a deputy state fire marshal and fire safety educator with the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division. You can reach Becki by e-mail at