Taxpayers & Strip Malls Pose Numerous Dangers

Strip malls and taxpayers can be found nearly everywhere in Anytown, U.S.A. These occupancies provide various commercial goods and services, and at times include residential living areas above the commercial areas. These structures possess an array of...

Hazardous Material Presence: Many of these occupancies can provide clues to the presence of large quantities of chemicals on site. Pool supply stores, hardware stores, dry cleaners, drug stores, and plumbing supply stores are some of the more volatile occupancies that can expose the firefighters to a high level of chemical exposure and fire involvement (see Photo 10). Be sure these hazards are identified in the pre-plans for the buildings.


Responses to these occupancies can overtax the initial units that arrive on the scene of the emergency. Any type of incident in these units will be significant; it is imperative that responding companies to these buildings identify the potential hazards these possess, and be sure that the appropriate resources are on scene to handle these hazards.

Until next time, stay focused and stay safe.

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