EMTB Anatomical Terms and Body Systems Drill

  EMTB Anatomical Terms and Body Systems Drill Instructor Guide Session Reference: 1 Topic: Anatomical Terms and Body Systems Level of Instruction: 3 Time Required: 3 hours Materials: · Chalkboard...

  3. Autonomic nervous system

    a. division of the peripheral nervous system

    b. controls involuntary motor function

    c. controls digestion, heart rate

E. Skin

  1. Function

    a. protection

    b. water balance

    c. temperature balance

    d. excretion

    e. shock absorption (impact)

  2. Layers

    a. epidermis

      1) outermost layer

      2) comprised of 4 or 5 layers of cells

    b. dermis

      1) below epidermis

      2) contains blood vessels, nerves, sweat glands, hair follicles

      3) contamination/infection a major problem

      4) bleeding and pain associated with injury

    c. subcutaneous layer

      1) below dermis

      2) fat and soft tissues

      3) major functions are shock absorption and insulation

F. Endocrine System

  1. Produces hormones to help chemically regulate the body

  2. Examples are

    a. insulin

    b. epinephrine


Review of Anatomical Terms and Body Systems

• Directional Terms

• Positional Terms

• Body Systems