Fire Truck Protecting Rhode Island Crews Hit by Alleged Drunken Driver

An alleged drunken driver ran into a Pawtucket fire truck that was blocking traffic at the scene of a single-car crash early this morning.

The rig was positioned on the shoulder of I-95 North to protect firefighters who responded to the scene at approximately 1 a.m.

A driver -- who was suspected to be driving while drunk -- came around the corner and hit the rear right corner of the fire truck, according to Chief William J. Sisson.

The fire truck is currently in the shop but is expected to be a total loss.

Sisson said the area of the highway where the crash occurred is an S-curve and can prove difficult for drivers.

"It's a treacherous area," he said "We have numerous accidents all the time."

It had rained for a good part of the night, which is believed to have contributed to both collisions.

The man was transported to the trauma unit at Rhode Island Hospital and Sisson said he was last reported in critical condition.

The chief said that the fire truck most likely saved the lives of three of his men, the trooper and a tow truck driver who were behind it.

"It was a horrendous accident," he said. "The car almost got through. Thank God for the truck and the Jersey barrier."