Rhode Island Fire Truck Falls in Trench

Pawtucket firefighters found themselves stuck yesterday morning after their fire truck partially fell into a hole.

Chief William J. Sisson said the truck's driver's-side tires fell into a trench -- which was incorrectly reported by various media outlets as a sinkhole -- while returning from a call at approximately 10:30 a.m.

The driver of the fire truck was forced to go wide to avoid a parked car and landed in the trench.

He said that construction work was being done to West Avenue and that workers had filled the hole, but didn't repave it yet.

Two heavy wreckers were used to pull out the truck -- a process that took around two hours, Sisson said.

"We hosed it off and there was no damage done to the truck."

None of the firefighters aboard the rig were injured in the incident.