Building Collapse Operations - Part 2

This month we will continue our discussion regarding building collapse with a look at the different types of building construction, and some specific collapse inherent hazards that are associated with each type. We will also examine different types of...


It is imperative that emergency responders have a secure grasp on the types of building construction in their respective communities. Identifying the types of materials and the type of collapse that occurred will help prepare the responder to operate accordingly on scene, utilizing the optimum resources that will be necessary on the incident. In September, we will discuss identifying the collapse potential in your community, strategic considerations on the collapse scene, and safety operations while operating at the incident.

Until next time, stay focused and stay safe.

MICHAEL P. DALEY is a lieutenant and training officer with the Monroe Township, NJ, Fire District No. 3, and is an instructor with the Middlesex County Fire Academy, where he is responsible for rescue training curriculum development. Mike has an extensive background in fire service operations and holds degrees in business management and public safety administration. Mike serves as a rescue officer with the New Jersey Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1 and is a managing member for Fire Service Performance Concepts, a consultant group that provides assistance and support to fire departments with their training programs and course development. Mike participated in several Radio@Firehouse podcasts: Successful Rescue Operations in Today's Fire Service, The Buzz on Technical Rescue: A Look at the USAR Equipment Cache and The Buzz on Technical Rescue: Hackensack Parking Garage Collapse. You can reach Michael by e-mail at: