Innovative Rigs on the Street: Syracuse’s New Pumpers

The American Fire Service has often been described as “100 Years of Tradition Unimpeded by Progress.” Unfortunately, in many fire departments this statement is entirely true. Whether talking about administrative regulations, fireground operations or...

New Apparatus For Engines 3 And 7

The department’s newest engine apparatus are assigned to Engine Companies 3 and 7, each of which serves busy first-due response areas. The pumpers are powered by a Cummins ISM engine, rated at 500 horsepower, through an Allison Generation IV model EVS-4000 five-speed automatic transmission. The apparatus is equipped with several safety enhancements including a steel reinforced front bumper, front and side cab scene lighting, electronic stability control and a chassis lubrication system.

The engines are built with a wheelbase of 200 inches and an overall length of 31 feet, 8 inches. The Sutphen cab provides seating for six with three seats equipped with hands-free self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) brackets. The apparatus has an overall height of 117 inches with a gross vehicle weight rating of 44,000 pounds. The engines were designed with full height and depth compartments on the left side of the body with low side compartments on the right side. The cab is equipped with hinged door compartments on each side with the left side dedicated for use as a storage area for the driver’s turnout gear. The right side cab door provides access to an interior mounted EMS compartment that allows equipment to be retrieved from both the inside and outside of the apparatus.

The front of the apparatus is equipped with a steel reinforced front bumper designed to protect the apparatus and the crew. The 19-inch extension is equipped with a 2-inch front trash line discharge that is protected by a hinged aluminum treadplate cover.

The apparatus warning light package consists of a Whelen Freedom 72-inch long roof-mounted LED light bar with a Whelen mini LED light bar located on a stainless steel bracket below the windshield. Forward facing cab warning lights include four Whelen Super LED lights with six Whelen Super LED lights on the side of the body. Rear apparatus warning lights are comprised of Whelen model L31H LED lights on the rear stanchions together with red LED lights located on the lower body panels. Scene lighting is provided by two front and two side cab-mounted Fire Research 150-watt HID 12V Focus lights together with Federal Night Fighter telescopic lighting at the rear of the cab. The fixed cab lights are individually switched inside of the cab with the telescopic lighting controlled at the pump panel.

The pumper bodies are fabricated from stainless steel with a stainless steel substructure and are provided with six enclosed lower body compartments that are protected with Amdor roll-up shutter doors. The standard ground ladder compliment of a 24-foot extension, 14-foot roof and 10-foot folding ladders are mounted on the right side of the body, together with two tubes for pike poles.

Fire Supression Features

The engine apparatus are equipped with a Hale QMax single-stage fire pump rated at 2,000 gpm and can be supplied from either one of the side 6-inch inlets or from the 3-inch gated inlets located at the right side pump panel and rear of the hose body. In addition to the trash line discharge, each of the crosslay hose beds are supplied with 2 1/2-inch plumbing with full flow valves. Two 2 1/2-inch discharges are located at the pump panel together with one at the left side rear of the apparatus to supply a Task Force Blitz Fire ground monitor. Two 4-inch discharges are located at the right side pump panel with a 3-inch discharge located above the fire pump to supply a Task Force Typhoon RC monitor. A Foam Pro Class A injection system can supply foam to the front trash line as well as any of the four crosslay attack lines. A 500-gallon L-shaped water tank provides for a low hosebed floor at the rear body, which also incorporates a 50-gallon foam cell.

The rear hosebed is equipped with two 700-foot beds of 4-inch supply line and 200 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose for the Blitz Fire monitor. The crosslay hosebeds are equipped with two 200-foot, 1 3/4-inch lines and two 300-foot lines that are made up with 200 feet of 2-inch hose and 100 feet of 1 3/4-inch hose. The pump panels were designed to make operations safe and efficient with low-mounted attack lines, color-coded discharges and large-size discharge gauges.