Innovative Rigs on the Street: Syracuse’s New Pumpers

The American Fire Service has often been described as “100 Years of Tradition Unimpeded by Progress.” Unfortunately, in many fire departments this statement is entirely true. Whether talking about administrative regulations, fireground operations or...

Over the years, the Syracuse Fire Department has designed and operated a number of unique apparatus that could well define the word “progressive.” The Syracuse Fire Department is one of a few in the United States that has been graded by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) with a Class One rating.

I would like to thank District Chief David Reeves who assisted with technical information on their new apparatus.

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TOM SHAND is a 37-year veteran of the fire service having served with departments in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. He has worked in the fire apparatus industry since 1985, including 15 years with Saulsbury Fire Apparatus. He is a contributing editor to Fire Apparatus Journal and Firehouse Magazine and works with Mike Wilbur at Emergency Vehicle Response. He co-hosts the Apparatus Architects podcast with Wilbur, based on their column in Firehouse Magazine.