Suicide Prevention: Do Something About It

As we slowly wind down our Safety, Health and Survival week there always seems to be the scramble as to what safety challenges to tackle. I sometimes struggle, as I do with fire prevention week, as to how we somehow become more sensitive to the issue by...

Do you have access to counselors who are familiar with the fire service culture? If you are fortunate enough to have an employee assistance program do you know who they are and what exact services they provide? Do you role model the fact that if someone must face mental health challenges personally or in their family that your organization will be there to help?

Many I have spoken to do not have the answers to these basic questions. The safety threat is just as real as standing underneath that wall that is about to collapse on your crews and you. The only difference is you can't see this wall. So do something about it now! Sean and I both appreciate the effort.

See Patrick Kenny Live! Patrick will be presenting "Mayday for Mental Health" on July 23 at Firehouse Expo, in Baltimore.

PATRICK J. KENNY has spent 28 years with the fire service. He has articles published regarding leadership, safety and fire codes. He holds a bachelors degree in psychology, associates degree in fire science and is an executive fire officer graduate and CFO. You can contact Patrick by e-mail at: