Session Reference: 1-1 Topic: Salvage Time Required: 2 Hours Materials:    • Various Items of Salvage Equipment    • Salvage Covers References:    • Truck Company Fireground Operations, Second Edition...


  4. Pumps effective in areas of building where other means not feasible

  5. Elevator and large utility shaft pits can be used to quickly remove water from upper floors

      a. Effective only when bottom of bit is below basement floor

      b. Pump used to remove water from pit

  6. Front line pumpers should not be used to remove water from basements or pits because of debris

  7. Be very careful when entering flooded area to determine location of floor, stairs, and other


  8. Fire fighters should not put faces under water or close to water surface to open clogged drain




   • Introduction to salvage

   • Protecting building contents

   • Removing water from buildings