Search and Rescue

Session Reference: 1-2 Topic: Search and Rescue Time Required: 1 Hour References:    • Truck Company Fireground Operations, Second Edition, Chapter 3    • Essentials of Fire Fighting, Third Edition, Pages 142-144 and...

      j. Victims found deep in apartments or large areas may require making opening in wall and moving

         victim to less-charged area

  3. Visibility

      a. Stay low and move quickly when visibility reduced

      b. Use legs and hands to feel for victims and obstructions

      c. Hallways and corridors can serve as directional guides

     d. Open or remove windows when encountered

D. Victim Drags and Carries

  1. Victim drags

      a. Clothing drag

      b. Strap or rope drag

      c. Blanket drag

  2. Carries

      a. Extremities carry

      b. Cradle carry

      c. Chair carry

      d. Seat carry



Search and Rescue

   • Chronology of rescue operations

   • Rescue considerations

   • Search