Developing a Training Program

Topic: Developing a Training Program Time Required: Two Hours Materials:    · Appropriate Audio Visual Support References:    · Fire Instructor's Training Guide, Second Edition, Joseph R. Bachtler, Fire Engineering...

  2. Identifiable means of evaluation to determine if desired outcomes were met

  3. Provide feedback to participants

  4. Measurements must be

      a. Reasonable

      b. Realistic

      c. Substantiated

E. Record Keeping

  1. Membership maintenance

  2. Liability protection

  3. Insurance ratings

F. Formal Versus In-Service Training

  1. Need to supplement formal training

  2. Reliance on formal training solely can lead to operational disconnects

  3. In-service training should be consistent with formal training

  4. Incorporate safety considerations – not negotiable

G. Implementing a Training Program

  1. Minimum of monthly in-service training to supplement formal training

  2. Segregate audiences based on need - even if it means more than one session per month

  3. Don't become disappointed by poor results initially



Developing A Training Program

   · Training Audience

   · Training Needs

   · Training Program


A well-organized training program will attract participants and will reduce the need to mandate attendance.