Creating a Lesson Plan for a Company Drill

Session Reference: 1 Topic: Creating a Lesson Plan for a Company Drill Level of Instruction: 3 Time Required: 3 hours Materials:    · Appropriate audiovisual supplies References:    · Fire and Emergency Services...

          5) synthesis . put parts together to create new .whole.

          6) evaluation . judge the value of actions

B. Instructor Information

  1. Materials needed

      a. equipment

      b. audiovisual needs

  2. Instructions to instructor

      a. special notes

      b. activity suggestions

  3. References

      a. where to find additional information

  4. Course goals

      a. expected outcomes

  5. Course philosophy

      a. compare learner performance to checklist of skills

C. Main body

  1. Motivation of learners

      a. why do they need to know it

      b. how is it useful on the job

  2. Presentation of the outline

  3. Application activities

      a. reinforces cognitive knowledge

      b. demonstrate skills

  4. Performance

      a. expected achievement

  5. Evaluation activities

      a. what will be tested

      b. how will it be tested

D. Evaluations

  1. Performance evaluation

      a. skills demonstration compared to a checklist

  2 Cognitive evaluation

     a. written/oral tests

  3. Instructor evaluation

     a. students evaluate instructor performance

E. Assignments

  1. Text assignments

      a. prepare students for next session

  2. Out-of-class assignments

      a. projects

      b. on the job training

  3. Research assignments

      a. find additional information

F. Summary

  1. Closure to lesson

      a. include student participation

  2. Recall/review key issues

  3. Restate important steps

  4. Ask for conclusions

V. Developing a Lesson Plan (1-5)

A. Select a topic

  1. Examine needs analysis

  2. Review goals and objectives

B. Complete instructor preparation

  1. Become familiar with topic and expectations

  2. Decide instructional format and materials

  3. Determine delivery methods

  4. Decide how to conduct applications

  5. Decide how to conduct evaluations

C. Complete student preparation

  1. Use motivators, attention/interest arousers

  2. Plan how to relate lesson to experiences

  3. Prepare clear, measurable objectives

  4. Determine the key ideas for presentation

D. Develop the presentation

  1. Create an outline that details the key ideas

  2. Include varied activities and teaching methods

  3. Check that the lesson is sequential

  4. Plan to summarize or recap frequently

E. Plan for application of ideas and skills

  1. Provide opportunity for practice

  2. Plan for appropriate supervision, guidance

  3. Create guides/handouts to help students in individual and group practice

F. Plan for ability testing and progress evaluation

  1. Plan methods of measuring performance

  2. Create course and student evaluation tools



Creating a Lesson Plan for a Company Drill

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   · Lesson Plan Components

   · Lesson Plan Format

   · Developing a Lesson Plan