Firefighter Combat Challenge

Topic: Firefighter Combat Challenge Time Required: Two to Three Hours Materials:    • PPE/SCBA (one set per participant)    • Traffic Cones (4 to 6 per team depending on group size)    • Water Sources (need to have...

Topic: Firefighter Combat Challenge

Time Required: Two to Three Hours


   • PPE/SCBA (one set per participant)

   • Traffic Cones (4 to 6 per team depending on group size)

   • Water Sources (need to have two to three charged lines either from hydrant or engines)

   • Hose – 1 sections 50’ per team

   • Wood signs – 1 per team (to be knocked over with charged handline)

   • Ladders – 36’ extension per team

   • 1 Pennant Per Team and Tape

   • Sidewalk Chalk

   • Outside Stairs

   • 50’ to 100’ rope – 3 sections per team

   • Forcible Entry Tools (Haligan Bar, etc.) or smoke ejectors – 1 per team

   • Pike Poles – 1 per team

   • 1 room and contents to set up an area for salvage operations per team

   • Salvage Covers – 1 per team

   • Goals – one per team (can create using PVC pipe, old 2x4’s, etc.

   • Large playing field – clear of tripping/falling hazards, etc.

   • Heavily weighted ball

   • Barrier tape, spray paint, etc. to outline playing field

   • Layout Plans as Provided

   • Officers to Observe and Act as Judges

   • Tape Measure


   • Essentials of Firefighting, 4th Edition, IFSTA


Motivation: NOTE: There are two motivations for this lesson. One motivation is for the officers, and the second for the participants.

Officers: Every fire department knows that a productive training schedule is needed. This training should be based on a needs assessment, and this drill will help to identify areas that personnel need additional training. Officers need to actively participate by observing behaviors and developing a training schedule based on those observations.

Participants: Teamwork on the fireground is essential to a good outcome. Members need to be able to work together to accomplish tasks that are assigned in a timely manner in a safe and correct manner. This drill will help to stress the importance of teamwork, the benefit of using correct procedures, and the need to do tasks in an expedient manner.

Objective (SPO) 1-1:

Given a set of tasks, the firefighter team will demonstrate knowledge of a variety of basic skills through participation in a combat style challenge, so that

skills are consistent with the current IFSTA text in use and with jurisdictional protocols.


Tasks Include:

   • Dressing in Full PPE and SCBA

   • Charging a Line and Advancing Through a Serpentine

   • Throwing, Climbing, and Using Extension Ladders

   • Hoisting Tools/Equipment Using Utility Ropes

   • Salvage Operations to include: Stacking Furniture, Deploying a Salvage Cover

   • Hose Stream Application

Fire Combat Challenge

SPO 1-1 Demonstrate knowledge of basic firefighter skills.

EO 1-1 Know and follow the rules of the challenge.

EO 1-2 Demonstrate proper techniques for various basic skills of firefighting.

NOTE: This drill is intended to be conducted with teams of 6 members. Divide participants into teams of 4 to 6 members. The course will be set up prior to the drill by the instructor and officers. Having an adequate water supply is essential for the second portion of the challenge.

I. Conducting the Evolutions (1-1)

  a. Set up the course

      1. Follow outlay for Course #1.

          • Use chalk to mark the areas for ladder placement.

          • Using a leg lock, tape the pennant on the wall at the same site in two or three areas (one per

             team) to assure teams work off the same side of the ladder and have to ascend to the same


          • Officers can decide if members have to take the ladders off the engines or have them

             positioned next to the apparatus.

          • Rope bags should be left on the apparatus as well as tools and salvage covers so that officers

            can see if members know where equipment is kept.

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