Firefighter Combat Challenge

Topic: Firefighter Combat Challenge Time Required: Two to Three Hours Materials:    • PPE/SCBA (one set per participant)    • Traffic Cones (4 to 6 per team depending on group size)    • Water Sources (need to have...

          • The room for salvage operations should be free of any tripping hazards. What ever is to be

             stacked should be divided equally so that each time has the same amount and size of furniture.

      2. Identify officers at each station to watch for proper skills.

         • Have paper to note areas that need additional time in training.

         • Observe skills, and if skill is performed incorrectly, teams must start over at the beginning of

           that skill.

       3. Divide the participants into teams of 4 to 6 members.

         • Assure that skills are evenly distributed.

         • All participants must have gear and SCBA.

  b. Establish rules

     1. Teams are lined up with their gear at the starting point.

     2. Each team decides who will perform the evolutions as the lead, however this task has to be

         rotated. Member acting as nozzle operator, designated ladder climber, tool hoister, etc. have to

         be different members.

     3. The teams begin when the instructor yells, “GO”.

     4. If an officer stops an evolution, the team must begin from the start of that task only.

     5. Teams advance the line to marked areas before advancing to the next evolution.

     6. The team must act as such. Assignments can be given to individuals, i.e., “Scott, go get the

         salvage cover”, however the rest of the team must stay together.

     7. If using engines or apparatus, each team is assigned which apparatus they are to use to get

         equipment, etc.

     8. The first challenge begins with putting on gear and ends when the salvage cover is appropriately


     9. Each team is told where the ladders are to be placed according to the chalk marks, and if the

         ladders are to be left up or returned to the apparatus.

     10. Each team must be advised where they are to be when they hoist the tools.

     11. The team must be informed on what they are to stack during the salvage operations (i.e., two

           tables and four chairs, etc.).

     12. The first challenge continues until the first team covers their assigned furniture.

     13. The second challenge is to be played as a soccer game using charged lines.

     14. The weighted ball is placed in the center of the field with goals being identified.

     15. Teams direct straight water streams at the ball until one team gets the ball into the opposing

           teams goal.

     16. If the ball goes outside the marked playing area, the officer will replace the ball inside the

           playing area and restart the evolution.

II. Skills and Course Set Up (1-2)

A. Gearing Up

  1. Teams start with gear placed in front of them.

  2. When command is given, members must be fully dressed, helmets, gloves, hoods in place, and be

      prepared to breath air (facepiece and bottles on). They do not have to breath air.

B. Serpentine

  1. Pick up nozzle. If using charge line, teams begin to advance, otherwise call for line to be charged.

  2. Follow marked pattern through serpentine.

  3. If knock down cone, must begin again.

  4. Advance line to marked area and direct stream to knock over wooden sign (can create with a 2x6

      and old plywood).

C. Ladders

  1. Get ladders from ground or off apparatus.

  2. Correctly lift ladder.

  3. Throw ladder in designated spot.

  4. Climb ladder, take a leg lock, retrieve pennant.

  5. Return ladders or leave in place based on officer’s directions.

D. Hoisting Tools

  1. Team advances to second floor via outside stairs.

  2. Member retrieves ropebags/rope.

  3. Second member retrieves two tools/pieces of equipment as directed by officer/instructor.

  4. Another member ties tools for hoisting.

  5. Tools hoisted to second floor.

E. Salvage Operations

  1. Team enters room and stacks designated furniture.

  2. Team member retrieves salvage cover from apparatus.