Firefighter Combat Challenge

Topic: Firefighter Combat Challenge Time Required: Two to Three Hours Materials:    • PPE/SCBA (one set per participant)    • Traffic Cones (4 to 6 per team depending on group size)    • Water Sources (need to have...

  3. Furniture is appropriately covered so that it protects furniture and does not become a tripping


F. Hoseline Operations

  1. All teams begin at center of field.

  2. Goals are assigned.

  3. Teams direct straight streams towards ball until team makes a goal.



Tasks Include:

   • Dressing in Full PPE and SCBA

   • Charging a Line and Advancing Through a Serpentine

   • Throwing, Climbing, and Using Extension Ladders

   • Hoisting Tools/Equipment Using Utility Ropes

   • Salvage Operations to include: Stacking Furniture, Deploying a Salvage Cover

   • Hose Stream Application


Officers: Every fire department knows that a productive training schedule is needed. This training should be based on a needs assessment, and this drill will help to identify areas that personnel need additional training. Officers need to actively participate by observing behaviors and developing a training schedule based on those observations.

Participants: Teamwork on the fireground is essential to a good outcome. Members need to be able to work together to accomplish tasks that are assigned in a timely manner in a safe and correct manner. This drill will help to stress the importance of teamwork, the benefit of using correct procedures, and the need to do tasks in an expedient manner.