Training Techniques

TOPIC: TRAINING TECHNIQUES TIME REQUIRED: TWO HOURS MATERIALS: APPROPRIATE AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIALS REFERENCES: Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 6th ed., International Fire Service Training Association; Fire Department Safety...

B. Training in Context

  1. A concept where a skills is taught context of its application rather than teaching the skill as a

      standalone item

  2. As an example, rather than just teaching someone to start a circular saw, the instruction may also

      include carrying the saw to the workplace, operating it to make a ventilation hole in a roof, and

      conducting the necessary maintenance to return it to service

  3. Training in context considers the entire context in which the skill is used rather than the skill by itself

  4. May help students to better understand the importance of learning a skill by understanding how it

      might be used

C. Other Considerations

  1. Provide some form of recognition for successful completion of training

  2. Consider professional certification based on applicable NFPA professional qualification standards

      to recognize specific training levels

  3. Although it is not a professional requirement, consideration some form of firefighter recertification,

      re-evaluation, or refresher training on a regular basic to validate knowledge and skill levels

  4. Consider some form of visible sign to indicate firefighter training levels to avoid individuals be

      subjected to work assignments beyond their training level

  5. Make sure that any training program is documented and individual student performance is included

      in personnel folders

      a. Student performance and enabling objectives

      b. Lesson guide

      c. Text references

      d. Means of evaluation

      e. Class attendance

      f. Evaluation results



   * Reinforce Basics

   * Train As You Work

REMOTIVATION: Train as you work and work as you train. The emergency scene should not be the training ground. Prior to arrival at the emergency scene, personnel should be properly trained to perform any tasks that may be assigned to them.