Safety - You Could Get Hurt Without It!

Safety - You Could Get Hurt Without It! Time Required: Two Hours Materials:    · Audio-visual equipment to project any visuals    · Fire and Rescue Death and Injury Statistics References:    · Essentials of Fire...

   5. Be observant for the presence of energized electrical equipment or wires

   6. Work as part of the team

VI. Health and safety programs (1-6)

A. Baseline and periodic physicals

   1. Initial physical examinations

   2. Periodic physical examinations

   3. Mini-physical and annual facepiece fitness test

B. Immunization programs

  1. Hepatitis series

  2. Tetanus

C. Physical fitness and wellness

   1. Regular exercise program based on duties

   2. Dietary control

   3. Adequate rest

   4. Mental health and proper attitude

D. Exposure and contamination

   1. Report any suspected exposures or injuries immediately

   2. Document exposures or accidents regardless of whether treatment was provided



Safety - You Could Get Hurt Without It!

   · Introduction to Safety

   · Station Safety

   · Vehicle Safety

   · EMS Safety

   · Fireground Safety

   · Health and Safety programs


Safety is not a topic by itself but an important part of everything we do in the fire and rescue service. We can either practice safety or become an injury or death statistic. If you look back, you will find that most accidents are caused by people and that people are the only ones that prevent accidents.