"Firefighter is a Friend" Program

Instructor Guide Session Reference: 1 Topic: Presenting the “Firefighter is a Friend” Program Time Required: 2 hours Materials: Turnout gear, SCBA References: Essentials of Fire Fighting, Fourth Edition, Chapter 19 Fire Safety for Young Children: A...

  3. If older unit, talk about low pressure hose and spider on the facepiece.

E. Connection

  1. How does air get from the cylinder to the facepiece

  2. If mask-mounted regulator, talk about turn and click


V. Dressing in the Gear and SCBA

A. Boots and pants first

B. Hood, then coat

C. SCBA and facepiece

D. Helmet and gloves

E. Connect SCBA and breathe

Notes: You can talk about the equipment and then while dressing, do a “refresher” or you can talk about each piece as you put it on. Be sure to do most of the talking before the facepiece is on. This can also be done with one firefighter talking while the other firefighter dons the PPE and SCBA Be sure to arrive at the site in street clothes or station uniform - NOT in your PPE and SCBA. Lay out the clothing and SCBA so that it is accessible and in order of donning.


VI. Interaction

A. Once dressed and on air, crawl around and among the students

B. Turn down lights so that the reflective stripes glow.

C. Use a flashlight

D. Allow children to touch the equipment if they want to.

E. Talk to the children so they can hear your voice through the facepiece

F. Ask the teacher or group leader to assist with class control

G. Remove each piece of SCBA and clothing and ask what it is.

H. Ask for questions (some children need to be reminded about what a question is)

I. Thank the class for letting you come and share.


VII. Practice Presentation

A. Select two firefighters to present (or ask for volunteers)

B. Instruct the remaining students to role play as students (kindergarten works well – age 5)

C. Critique the presentation.




   · Presenting the “Firefighter is a Friend” Program

   · Characteristics of Fire

   · Why firefighters need special clothing

   · Describing the turnout gear

   · Describing the SCBA

   · Dressing a firefighter

   · Firefighter crawl and glow

   · Practice presentation