Hazardous Materials Operations - Local Option

Drill: Hazardous Materials Operations - Local Option Session Reference: 1 Topic: Hazardous Materials Local Operations Time Required: Three Hours Materials:    *Hazardous Materials Response Unit    *Various Level A and...

III . Setting Up and Operating Decontamination (1-3)

A. Identify the level of protective clothing required for decontamination

B. Identify the type of decontamination - wet or dry

C. Identify the number of stages in the decontamination station

D. Identify the decontamination solution

E. Identify the location of the decontamination station

F. Setting up decontamination station

  1. Set up large containment area using plastic and 150 feet of 2-1/2-inch or 3-inch hose which has

      been inflated with air

  2. Mark off area with barrier tape and traffic

  3. Identify clean side and dirty side of containment area

  4. Set up containment areas within large containment area – wading pools with absorbent pads and

     standing platforms

  5. Set up tool drop, glove drop, and boot wash stations

  6. Set up decontamination equipment - brushes, sprayers and hoses or vacuums, shower

  7. Set up doffing area for removal of chemical protective clothing

  8. Set up disposal area for contaminated materials and clothing

  9. Set up inflatable shelter for disrobing of contaminated people

G. Operation of decontamination station

  1. Identify personnel to staff station - one or two at each stage

  2. Process personnel through medical evaluation - required for anyone donning chemical protective


  3. Have personnel don appropriate protective clothing and SCBA

  4. Assign personnel to stages

  5. Review decontamination operations with personnel – must be done prior to entry

  6. Personnel assume assigned positions

  7. Once all entry personnel have been decontaminated, decontamination personnel must be


  8. Process personnel through medical evaluation upon completion of assigned decontamination duties

  9. Properly contain any contaminated runoff

  10. Dismantle decontamination station


IV. Donning Chemical Protective Clothing (1-4)

A. Dressing Out in Chemical Protective Clothing

  1. Assemble area with seating for donning clothing

  2. Collect proper chemical protective suit, gloves, boots, SCBA, and radio for respective team


  3. Assist with putting on surgical gloves

  4. Assist with getting into legs of suit

  5. Assist with putting on boots

  6. Assist with putting on SCBA backpack and facepiece when Level A suits are used – leave low

      pressure hose disconnected

  7. Assist with putting on radio when Level A suits are used

  8. Turn on air cylinder

  9. Assist with getting in arms of suit

  10. Assist with putting on any additional gloves required

  11. Assist with putting on hood of suit

  12 Zip up flap and pull draw strings in Level B suit is used

  13. Assist with putting on SCBA backpack and facepiece when Level B suits are used – leave low

        pressure hose disconnected

  14. Assist with putting on radio when Level B suits are used

  15. Tape around facepiece, glove wristlets, boot tops, and flaps if Level B suits are used

  16. Put on air and note time – report time to team safety officer

  17. Zip up suit if Level A is used

B. Reverse process for removal of suit, taking care not to touch the inside of the suit (the last item removed is the SCBA)


V. Practical Activities

A. Have the students demonstrate setting and operating a decontamination station.

B. Have the students demonstrate assisting a member of a hazardous materials team to don chemical protective clothing.

C. Student Evaluation - All students will be evaluated by the following means:

  1. Oral questioning/class participation

  2. Observed performance in classroom exercises.



Hazardous Materials Local Operations

* Describe responsibilities prior to arrival of team

* Describe responsibilities upon arrival of team

* Demonstrate setting and operating decontamination station

* Demonstrate assisting donning chemical protective clothing