Fire Attack Review

Structural Firefighting Review: Fire Attack Session Reference: 1 Topic: Fire Attack Level of Instruction: 3.0 Time Required: 3 Hours Materials:    • Personal Protective Clothing    • Personal Alert Safety...

K. The instructors and the firefighting crews should be reminded of the importance of ventilation at part of the activity. Adequate provisions must be made to allow the steam to vent when attacking the fires to prevent steam burns.

L. The class is responsible for cleaning up the burn building and surrounding area. This includes making sure all burned materials are extinguished, placing partially burned material in the proper receptacle, and cleaning out the building.

M. A critique should be conducted at the conclusion of each training activity. This should include a check of the students to insure that no injuries went unreported and that any equipment repairs are reported. The roster must be completed for any activities conducted at the Training Center.




Fire Attack

   • Hoseline operations

   • Location of fire

   • Fire Attack

   • Back up teams