Coordinated Fire Attack

Coordinated Fire Attack Time Required: Two Hours Materials:    · Transparencies (To be created by user)    · Overhead Projector    · Screen References:    · Engine Company Fireground Operations, Second...

      c. Working knowledge of building construction features is also advantageous in projecting the

          extension of fire

  5. Fire will continue to burn unchecked unless

       a. All fuel is consumed

       b. Oxygen supply is depleted

       c. Rate of heat released is reduced to a point where the process is no longer sustained

E. Size-up for extinguishment must consider

  1. Nature of fuel involved

  2. Quantity of fuel involved - provide an indication as to quantity of extinguishing agent required

  3. Physical arrangement of fuel involved – will assist in determining method of application utilized

      a. Anticipated rate of release of heat can be established

      b. Surface to mass ratio or the surface available characteristics of the fuel

      c. Will determine how rapidly heat released and degree of difficulty in extinguishing fire.

As a follow-up to this drill, the department may want to conduct a live firefighting exercise to demonstrate the benefits of a coordinated fire attack.



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A coordinated fire attack is important to the success of the overall fireground operation. It is not enough to focus on attacking the fire without consideration the impact on other firefighters and victims by failing to protect exposures and confine the fire while ventilating throughout the operation.