Review of Airway Maintenance and Obstructed Airway Care

COURSE: EMT-B AIRWAY DRILL Session Reference: 1 Topic: Review of Airway Maintenance and Obstructed Airway Care Level of Instruction: 3 Time Required: 3 hours Materials: Chalkboard, CPR and Airway Manikins, Oropharyngeal and...

  3. Suction for no more than 15 seconds at a time. Shorter time for infants and children - no more than

      a few seconds.

  4. If thick secretions cannot be suctioned, roll patient and clear oropharynx.


IV. Ventilating with Bag Valve Mask (1-4)

A. One Person Bag Valve Mask

  1. Use correct size for patient - should be used with supplemental oxygen.

  2. Kneel at patient’s head.

  3. Place top of mask over bridge of patient’s nose then lower mask over mouth and upper chin.

  4. Use ring and little fingers to maintain seal and headtilt, chin-lift.

  5. Squeeze the bag once every 5 seconds for an adult, once every 3 seconds for a child or infant.

  6. Release pressure and let patient exhale passively.

B. Two Person Bag Valve Mask

  1. Preferred method if have two rescuers.

  2. First rescuer maintains seal using two hands.

  3. Second rescuer squeezes the bag with two hands.

  4. Allows better maintenance of seal and aids ventilations.



Review of Respiratory System and Its Function

   * System Components and Importance of Proper Ventilation

   * Opening and Maintaining Airways of Adults, Children, and Infants

   * Suctioning

   * Performing Artificial Ventilations