Soft Tissue Injuries Drill

EMTB Soft Tissue Injuries Drill Instructor Guide Session Reference: 1 Topic: Soft Tissue Injuries Level of Instruction: 3 Time Required: 3 hours Materials:    • Various size sterile dressings    • Various...

B. Open Abdominal Injuries

  1. Control external bleeding

  2. Dress all open wounds

  3. Do not touch or try to replace any exposed organs

  4. Cover viscera with heavy, sterile plastic

      a. do not use aluminum foil

  5. Tape all four sides of the occlusive dressing

  6. Cover visceral and occlusive dressing with bulky dressings and loosely secure in place


VIII. Treatment of Amputations (1-8)

A. General Principles

  1. Place a pressure dressing over the stump

  2. Control bleeding

      a. pressure point techniques

      b. tourniquet as last resort only

  3. Never complete a partial amputation

  4. Wrap the amputated part in a dry sterile dressing

  5. Seal the amputated part in a plastic bag and keep cool

      a. do not freeze

  6. Transport the amputated part with the patient


IX. Treatment of Avulsions (1-9)

A. Flap Torn Loose

  1. Clean the wound surface

  2. Fold tissue into normal position

  3. Control bleeding

  4. Dress the wound

B. Flap Torn Off

  1. Control bleeding

  2. Dress the wound

  3. Wrap the avulsed part in a dry sterile dressing

  4. Seal the avulsed part in a plastic bag and keep cool

      a. do not freeze

  5. Transport the avulsed part with the patient




Soft Tissue Injuries

   • Principles of Bandages and Dressings

   • Treatment of Shock

   • External Bleeding Control

   • Soft Tissue Injuries of the Head and Neck

   • Penetrating Chest Wounds

   • Treatment of Impaled Objects

   • Treatment of Eviscerations

   • Treatment of Amputations

   • Treatment of Avulsions