EMT Jeopardy

EMT Jeopardy Instructor Guide Level of Instruction: Time Required: One to Two Hours Materials:    · Chalk Board or White Board    · Questions as Provided    · Game Board (create on chalk/white board...

EMT Jeopardy

Instructor Guide

Level of Instruction:

Time Required: One to Two Hours


   · Chalk Board or White Board

   · Questions as Provided

   · Game Board (create on chalk/white board)

   · Individual to keep score and watch for first team to respond

   · Stop watch, or watch with second hand

   · Transparencies that you create


   · Emergency Care, Eighth Edition, Brady



Objective (SPO): 1-1

Given EMT related questions, the EMT will demonstrate knowledge of a variety of EMT topics through participation in a jeopardy game, so that answers are consistent with the current EMT text in use and with jurisdictional protocols.


Topics Include

   · Medico Legal

   · Anatomy and Physiology

   · Patient Assessment

   · CPR/Obstructed Airway

   · Respiratory

   · Oxygen and Airway Adjuncts

   · Trauma

   · Scene Size-Up

   · Shock

EMT Jeopardy

SPO 1-1 Demonstrate a knowledge of basic EMT materials.

EO 1-1 Know and follow the rules of the game.

EO 1-2 Answer questions on various aspects of emergency medical services.

This drill is intended to be conducted in a similar manner to the Jeopardy game show. Divide participants into teams of 4 to 5 members. The instructor will pick the topics for the first and second rounds. Choose areas in which participants are proficient for the first round, and choose more difficult topics for the second round in which scores are doubled. The instructor (host) will stop reading the question as soon as a team raises their hand(s). Impose a time limit of 30 seconds for providing the answer.

I. Playing the Game (1-1)

  A. Set up the game.

      1. Follow outlay for Game Board #1.

            a. Draw on chalk or white board.

            b. Create a transparency.

       2. Identify a timekeeper, a score keeper, and a watcher. (May combine jobs as needed.)

       3. Print the topic questions and answers on separate pages

       4. Choose five of the topics and enter the topics in the top spaces of the game board.

  B. Establish rules.

       1. Decide on which team gets the first choice.

       2. Each team should have a captain to chose a topic, a question point value, and who will give final


       3. The beginning team captain chooses a topic and question point value.

       4. The host begins the answer. Answers should be given in the form of “The answer is ….”

            For example, Topic A, Question 1 would be read “The answer is, based on individual and

            community conduct, standards imposed by force of law, and professional or institutional

            standards.” When the first hand is raised, the host stops giving the answer, and the team is

            given 30 seconds to respond.

      5. The team captain will give the answer after receiving input from teammates.

      6. Answers must be in the form of a question.

           For example, the answer for Topic A, Question 1 should be in the form of “What is standard of


      7. If the team gets the question right, that team captain chooses the next topic and question point

          value. If the team responds with a wrong answer, the host continues with the answer until one of

          the next teams raises their hand(s) to answer the question.

      8. After a team answers a question correctly, the instructor (host) will erase the point value off the

          chalk or white board. If using a transparency, place an “x” through the box.

      9. The team that gets the question correct chooses the next question.

     10. The game continues until the board is clear.

     11. Game board # 2 is set up to play double jeopardy.

     12. The winner is the team that gets the most points.

     13. The instructor (host) will have the decision if a variation of the response is valid.

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