EMT Jeopardy

EMT Jeopardy Instructor Guide Level of Instruction: Time Required: One to Two Hours Materials:    · Chalk Board or White Board    · Questions as Provided    · Game Board (create on chalk/white board...

                                    Question: What is a hare traction splint?

                     5. Answer: To immobilize the joint above and below.

                                     Question: What is the purpose of splinting?


                     1. Answer: Cold, clammy skin, diaphoresis, altered mental status, nausea and vomiting.

                                      Question: What are the signs and symptoms of shock?

                      2. Answer: The last vital sign to change in response to shock.

                                       Question: What is blood pressure?

                      3. Answer: Shock caused by an allergic reaction.

                                        Question: What is anaphylactic shock?

                      4. Answer: The type of shock caused by loss of blood volume.

                                         Question: What is hemorrhagic shock?

                      5. Answer: Used when the blood pressure is less than 90 mm mercury and the patient

                           has signs and symptoms of shock.

                                          Question: What is the pneumatic anti-shock garment?




   · Topics

   · Medico Legal

   · Anatomy and Physiology

   · Patient Assessment

   · CPR/Obstructed Airway

   · Respiratory

   · Oxygen and Airway Adjuncts

   · Trauma

   · Scene Size-Up

   · Shock



Knowledge of common medical terminology makes communications between providers and hospital personnel more effective. EMT’s need to constantly maintain their skills and knowledge levels to provide quality care to their patients.