EMT-B Pharmacology

  Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute Drill of the Month – March 2002 EMT-B Pharmacology Instructor Guide Topic: EMT-B Pharmacology Time Required: Three Hours Materials:    · Oxygen delivery system...

             a. adult

                   1) one tablet or one spray sublingually

                          a) repeat in 3 – 5 minutes if pain persists

                   2) maximum of 3 doses (patient and EMT-B administered)

            b. pediatric

                   1) not indicated

                           a) contraindicated under age 12

             c. additional doses require Medical Consultation

       7. Administration

              a. perform focused patient assessment for cardiac patient

              b. assess blood pressure

                   1) systolic > 100

              c. obtain patient prescribed medication

             d. assure right medication, right patient, right dose, right route

             e. check expiration date

             f. question patient about last dose taken

             g. question patient about taking Viagra™ in last 24 hours

             h. assist patient or place medication under tongue

             i. have patient close mouth with tablet under tongue until dissolved

             j. recheck blood pressure

             k. record name, dose, route and time of administration

             l. perform reassessment and give additional doses per protocol




   · General Pharmacology and Terminology

   · Medication Names

   · Routes of Administration

   · Medication Forms

   · Medications on Ambulances

   · Prescribed Medications