How is Your Public Image?

PREPARATION:Motivation:Objective (SPO): 1-1The student will demonstrate a better understanding of the importance of maintaining a good public image, actions that can impact on that image, and the benefits that can be derived from a good image.Overview:How...

A. Better understanding and appreciation of emergency services

B. Better community support with fund raising and other activities

C. Better able to compete with other public agencies for tax funding

D. Maintenance of public trust and confidence

E. Maintenance of positive public image

F. Appearance of professionalism in service delivery

G. Maintenance of respect of community

H. Demonstration of productivity by being out in public in a non-emergency environment

  1. Stand bys

  2. Public fire safety education programs

  3. Fire safety inspections

  4. Open houses

  5. Participation in community events

I. Survival of the organization

J. Avoidance of negative public reaction

  1. Stereotyping of members because of actions of a few

  2. Bad reputation because of poor quality service

  3. May not call or want service from a particular department

  4. Adversarial relationship with public or governmental agencies

  5. Remember that people share bad experiences with many and good experiences with few




How is your public image?

· Emergency Operations

· Non-Emergency Activities

· Benefits



Public image is something that many people in the fire and rescue assume or take for granted. They are looked upon as the good guys and gals who come to help when needed. Negative actions or publicity can tarnish that image very quickly. Inappropriate actions by a few can be perceived as how the entire organization acts.