Compiling and Using a Pre-incident Survey

PREPARATION: MOTIVATION: A quality pre-incident survey offers advance knowledge of important issues such as building construction, building layout, hazardous materials storage, fire alarm or fire suppression system capabilities, and special...

  11. Other paths of potential vertical or horizontal fire spread

  12. Functional vs. storage areas


IV. Documenting Information Gathered

  A. Use a standard form as provided by the AHJ

  B. Finished product should be computer generated

  C. Ask if the occupancy can provide detailed drawings to assist

    1. Plot plan

    2. Floor plan

  D. Neatly sketch or computer generate if none are available

  E. Consider using photographs to illustrate key issues

  F. Provide exterior elevation drawings


V. Training and Application

  A. Distribute copies of the completed pre-incident survey to all first alarm companies

  B. Provide a copy for the area’s command officer (if applicable)

  C. At routine intervals, schedule tabletop exercises

    1. Conduct a drill where various members discuss new surveys

    2. Invite mutual aid companies who may respond on initial alarms

    3. Use appropriate AV equipment to display components of the survey

    4. Ensure the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Why”, and “How” are answered

    5. Review and revise and necessary




* Benefits of a pre-incident survey


*Components of the pre-incident survey

*Documenting information gathered

*Training and application