Mechanical Advantage Systems - Part 2

As promised, in this article we will look at anchor and belay systems in relation to mechanical advantage systems (MAS). We'll also explore how to simply figure out what a mechanical advantage system's value is by simply looking at it.First, let's briefly...

The last component of a MAS we will discuss is called a load releasing hitch (see Figure 8). The load releasing hitch must be used when tandem prusiks are used as the belay system. In the event, the prusiks should lock up the load, releasing hitch will allow us to transfer the load back onto the main line and in turn free the now locked prusiks. When operating with tandem prusiks it's a good idea to keep a haul system pre-built that can be connected to or "piggybacked" onto the belay line to raise the load allowing you to free the prusiks (see Figure 9).

As with any rope system, organization and good planning are the keys to success. Don't over engineer a simple operation. Keep it simple, keep it safe and keep a good perspective of the operation from start to end. Future articles will focus on anchor and belay systems.

Stay safe, stay progressive

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