Rigging For Confined Space Operations

Michael Donahue illustrates ideas for rigging setups at confined space incidents. With limited space available, learn how to properly prepare for rescue efforts.


The more you train on rigging configurations for confined space operations the more tricks you'll pick up. The bottom line however should be to keep your systems simple and well organized and that principle begins the moment you tie your first knot.

Stay safe and stay progressive.

MICHAEL R. DONAHUE is a 13-year veteran of the fire service is assigned to Rescue Company 1 in Elizabeth, NJ. Mike is the owner and founder of Progressive Rescue, a company dedicated to further firefighter's in all aspect of the job. He holds the title of rescue specialist with New Jersey's Urban Search and Rescue Team (NJ-TF1) and he is actively teaching at Middlesex and Somerset fire academies and the Middlesex County College as their Fire Science Program Coordinator.