Future of CPR Discussed at FH World

The American Heart Association is expected to release new guidelines later in 2010, and agencies should prepare themselves now for the potential impacts, according to Joshua Stapleton, Fire Capt./Paramedic and an EMS Representative for the AHA Regional...

Stapleton also advises EMS leaders not to wait to be handed the new guidelines by a higher authority, because that will take time, and “You’ll be behind the curve.” Sign up for guideline updates, he suggests, through the AHA Instructor Network at www.ahainstructornetwork.org.

Then, he said, “You may have to be on the forefront of change.” He advises EMS leaders to “politically correctly” hold their authorities accountable for updating local guidelines to match the new recommendations. To get started, agencies can utilize regional AHA contacts for advice and assistance, and look at how other agencies have already implemented their updates.