Safety 101 - Lesson 34

One of the struggles you have no doubt encountered is how to motivate members of the department to do their job safely. If you are in a career environment, this may come easy, as you probably have a progressive discipline process for those who don't...

Imagine your organization safety logo, safety slogan or similar safety message imprinted on a backpack, travel mug, pen, auto travel kit, wall plaque, clock, travel bag, tool kit, thermal container, barbeque tool set, towel or some similar item. Your message gets across. It is repetitive, and it works. Businesses have used this technique for decades - can it work for you?

Lesson 34: Energize your safety program with new ways to educate and reward employees through promotions and incentives.

Safety 101 - A new series from the technical and administrative perspective, designed to help you reduce emergency responder injuries, illnesses, property loss and death!

DR. WILLIAM F. JENEWAY, CSP, CFO, CFPS, a Contributing Editor, is Executive Vice President of VFIS and has over 30 years experience in safety and risk management in the insurance industry. He was named "Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year" as Chief of the King of Prussia, PA, Volunteer Fire Company, and is the author the text Emergency Service Risk Management. He has partipated the NVFC Corner podcast on