Money Talks

The fire service needs to focus more on the economics of fire while communicating with local government on the costs of fire damage.

To have a better chance of success and a brighter future, I believe that we, in the fire service, need to learn from our past history. We must evaluate and critique our own performance in implementing the well-known 1973 America Burning report. We must do research and learn more from other similar national successful programs. And, from all these, develop a solid national strategy in promoting fire and life safety solutions to our country's fire problem.

Yes, money talks. And, the politicians and decision-makers are quite attuned to hear it loud and clear. One does not have to be as smart as Einstein to recognize that in talking with these folks, you must cut to the chase and get straight to the bottom line, being money. That is the exact reason why we in the fire service need to focus more on the economics of fire while communicating with them. Statistical cost-benefit analysis is the backbone and the sole factor in their decision-making process.

We, in the fire service, are well aware of the power of the mighty dollar. Yet we can also hear our conscious constantly reminding us that saving lives and protecting our communities are our prime directives. It is time to be bilingual.