New Firefighter Staffing and Funding Resource has created a unique resource that shows cuts and other budgetary issues facing fire departments around North America.

Like most of you, we are angry about the proposed cuts to so many fire's like some don't get it...or don't want to get it. There are even communities with volunteer fire department's that are making cuts! WTF?

Too many folks measure the wrong things about their fire departments. Department officials are great at talking about their fire department in operational terms but not as good at describing the economic impacts of their department on the city in "bean counter" language. For that matter, how many cities establish performance objectives for their departments as part of their municipal goals? Maybe if we speak "bean counter" language, they might get it. Maybe.

Several months ago asked for fire departments to send in any and all info, media clips, etc. related to fire department budget cuts. They have compiled many of them now on a new page. As a part of, they have one of the best departments statisticians in North America and he has been working hard in putting together some comparative information -- the information you can use.

As you will see on the above FireFighterCloseCalls Staffing page, these cuts differ from place to place (staffing, brownouts, stations, etc.) without any kind of objective analysis. Their goal right now is to initially just get the info out there for you in an organized manner. You check it out and if you see issues that resemble your department, you can contact them direct and compare notes, ideas, solutions, etc. They also want you to send in articles and examples where good funding and adequate staffing mattered -- such as when firefighters made a rescue where it may not have happened...if the staffing or funding was cut.

What happens to one fire department, can happen to other departments, sooner or later. By submitting your department's cut articles and info, we can all watch, record and learn, so that we can educate the budgetary people sooner, with documented facts. Tell them what is happening in your area by submitting info to us and if your fire department is listed, please send updated changes to

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